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  • Fashion Readers

    Caseco launched the first of its compact reading frames, the Ultra-slim, over 10 years ago creating a new market.

    We have since added a variety of reading frame collections, through which we hope to offer something for all tastes and needs.

    -The So-Slim range of rimless compact readers are colourful, elegant and classic and remain safe and portable within their aluminium tube case. Six colours are available, featuring on the bridge and temples and co-ordinating case.

    Available in 0.25 dioptre steps.
    Feature sprung sides.

    -The Ultra-Slim compact reader -  the first of its kind on the UK market is a full rim reader available in silver with a black aluminium tube case, or gold with a red case. Light, portable and stylish.

    Available in 0.25 dioptre steps.
    Feature sprung sides.

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