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  • Henry Jullien

    Luxurious and renowned quality and creativity.

    Henry Jullien is one of the most renowned names in eyewear.  Founded in 1921 and still run by descendants of the founder, Henry Jullien have a reputation for quality and craftmanship with over 80 years experience in the design and development of luxury eyewear, and as specialists in the production of 14K rolled gold frames.

    Since 1993, Henry Jullien has technically diversified, introducing new materials to aid the development of strong but lightweight frames, most recently adopting Sandvik Nanoflex technology. This has allowed new and exciting design directions in lightweight frame design.

    Eyewear with jewelled embellishments are available both in their rolled gold (gold-filled) ranges and also now in their super lightweight models.

    Henry Jullien continue to introduce beautifully crafted, original and elegant frames. Designed to suit every face.

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